Right from the school days, he has been active in sports and other co-curricular activities and there are few landmark achievements to his credit as such:-
1.   Awarded Super Leader Award in Scout and Guide by Kendriya Vidyalay Sangathan.
2.  Has been Debate Champion of the State of Uttar Pradesh continuously for three years.
3.   Has written many poems, stories and articles right from the school days.
4.   Has been invited by organizers of Antrashtriya Hindi Sammelan at Oslo in Norway.
5.   Authored a book ‘India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857 to 1947’ in Class-VIIIth  which was sent as manuscript to Delhi Government in 1988 when he was student of Senior Secondary.   
6.   Has been School Captain as ASPL in Class IXth and Xth   at Stella Maris Covent High School, Sultanpur.
7.   Has been captain of school team of Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Table Tennis at regional level.
8.   Participated in the International Conferences of the United Nations and IPSA (International Political Science Association) 2006 at Fukuoka, Japan and other Conferences / Seminars as such:-

  •  2011. Participated in International Conference on “Women in Higher Education: Responding to the Challenges of Change and Innovation in a Global Environment”.

  •  2010.  Participated in International Conference, presided over by the Prime Minister of Singapore, on “ Democracy and Good Governance” at National University of Singapore.

  •  2007. Presented a paper and organized a workshop on “Disaster Management, Public Administration and Community Participation” in a National Workshop on Natural Resource Management with Community Interaction in Uttarakhand at Jogimarhi and Uffaraikhal, Garhwal, Uttarakhand on Dec. 24- 24, 2007.

  • 2006. Presented a paper on “Federalism in India: Crisis and Capacity of       Democracy” in the World Congress on Democracy, organized by   International Political Science Association (IPSA) at Fukuoka, Japan.

  •  2005. Presented a paper on “Rural Development and Public Administration in India” in the National Seminar on Advances in Agriculture Practice for Rural Development organized by the Institute of Rural Development, University of Lucknow.

  •   2005. Presented paper on “India’s Development Concerns : Good Governance and Development” in the National seminar on India’s Development Concerns, organized by Institute for Applied Research and Development, Department of Public Administration, University of Lucknow.

  •   2004. Presented a paper on “Administering Social Change in Global India” in the National Conference on Social Change in Global India organized by Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society (EFCS), NEDA, Lucknow.

  •   2004. Participated in the workshop on Environment Geo-Hazards: Management and Mitigation as Discussant and Rapporteur in the Technical session on “Government Preparedness to National Hazards” at Palampur, Himanchal Pradesh.

  •   2003. Presented a paper on “Population, Environment and Development” in   the National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI), at MHN College, CCS, University of Meerut.

  •   2003. Paper accepted for presentation on “Sustainable development: A Challenge in Developing Countries and a concern for developed Countries” at Geo Scied IVth Earth Science for the Global Community, Calgary, Canada.

  •   2003. Presented a paper on “Corrupting Governance or Governing       Corruption” organized by Indian Social Science Association (ISSA) in the       National Seminar on Governance and Vows of Citizens at Agra.

  •  2003. Presented a paper on “Impact on Globalization on Indian Administration" in D.N.Majumdar Centennial International Conference on Tribal Identity Globalization and Planned Development, organized by Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society (EFCS), Lucknow.

9.   In the conference held on the issues of Sustainable Development, he has been invited by the Prime Ministers of Japan and Singapore in 2009-10 and delivered series of lecturers on these issues.

10.  Has authored following articles and books:-
v  2005. “Sustainable Development: Issues and Considerations”
New Delhi:Serials Publication.
v  2004. “Population, Resource and Sustainable Development”,
Indian Geo Journal, Vol.1 No.1, Shaheed Bhagat Singh (Eve)
College, University of Delhi, New Delhi, PP. 22-24

v  2005. “Participating Approach in Transfer of Technology for
Ecologically and Economically Sustainable Development”, in
B.W.Pandey(ed.) Natural Resources Management,PP.95-100,
Mittal Publication, New Delhi.

v  2006. “Hazard reduction and Disaster Mitigation” in
B.W. Pandey (ed.) Hazard Ecology – Approaches and
Techniques, PP.154-168, New Delhi: Mittal Publications.

v  2006. “Evolution of Government Policy on Sustainable
Development” in Sukant K. Chaudhury (ed.) Ecology
and Sustainable Development, New Delhi: Mittal Publications.

v  2010.   “Legal    Aspects      of      Biodiversity Information
Management” Neelam P. Mishra and Pratyush M. Tripathi
published in Science Reporter, February, 2011.

v  2010.   “An  Integrated Approach  for  Sustainable  use of
Biodiversity in Agriculture” Neelam P. Mishra and Pratyush M. Tripathi
Book Chapter published in Ecology of Land Resources-
B.W.Pandey(ed.), Research India Press, New Delhi.

v  2011. “Preparing for IAS”, published in English Daily —
The Statesman,23 September, 2011.

v  2011. “Consistency pays” published in English Daily—
The Tribune, 5 October, 2011.

v  2011. Article “Ab Tala Nahi Ja Sakta Lokpal Vidheyak
published in Virat Vaibhav, New Delhi, 17 November, 2011.
Book Reviews-

v  2004 Indian Economy Under Globalization Process by
K. Sham Bhatt (ed.), The Eastern Anthropologist
Vol.57, No.3-4.

v  2006 Corruption free Sustainable Development: Challenges
and Strategies for Good Governance by R.B. Jain (ed.),
The Eastern Anthropologist, Vol.58, No.2.